‘Code the Wave’ puts you in the center of a unique interactive experience with music by Scarlet Pleasure and visuals by a community of creative coders.

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Thanks to the Creative Developer
Patrik Svensson, Ramiro Espada, Jorge Hernandez, Thomas Springborg, Nikolaj Stausbøl, Martin Dyrby, Younas Abdalla, Kasper Bøttcher, Joseph Chow
Pattern Design
Rebecca Louise Frederiksen
Director of Photography
Jakob Møller
Video Editing
Anders Jon Petersen
Kasper Jonassen
Patrik Svensson (Molamil), Ramiro Espada (Molamil), Jorge Hernandez (Molamil)
Concept & Creative
Jakob Kahlen (Trouble), Marcus Fuchs (Trouble)
Anne Mai Bjerregaard (Trouble), Nicolai Habla (Molamil), William Tylander III (Molamil)
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A B&O PLAY music experience

Code the Wave puts you at the centre of a unique musical and visual experience.

You know that feeling where you’re standing in the mosh-pit at an amazing concert with your favourite band.

You sing along, waving your arms in the air with the rest of the crowd. The stage light beams hit your eyes just as the final chorus sets in and the song peaks. A goosebump moment. A moment when you feel a part of the music, a part of the crowd. Your senses are totally immersed in the music.

Code the Wave is an attempt to recreate a goosebump-inducing musical experience by letting you control the visual universe around the music in a digital experience. All you have to do is to put on your headphones and play along.

Uniting a band, a brand and a community of creative developers in a unique musical experience.

With Code The Wave, B&O PLAY sets out to explore the exciting space where music, art and technology intersect.

The project is a creative collaboration between a brand, a band and a community of creative developers. Through an interactive music video for Danish pop sensation Scarlet Pleasure featuring their latest track The Wave, each user engages with visual code-bites to complete a unique sensory experience.

— More about Scarlet Pleasure

— More about The Creative Coders

About Creative Code

Creative Coders are the artists of tomorrow. That’s why they’re the heroes of the visual universe in the Code The Wave experience.

At B&O PLAY we’re fascinated with the space where art and technology meets.

Through the joint efforts of this amazing community, we want to show that technology is a powerful creative tool for the artists of tomorrow.

Not only does technology offer an endless array of visual expressions, but because of its interactive nature it’s exciting to engage with and offers a unique and ever-changing experience.

Visualizing the transformative power of music through code

The community of creative coders that we engaged with for Code The Wave helped transform input and data from a number of sources like audio, video and the user’s input into beautiful generative visuals to accompany the music.

The users are able to alter and engage with the code in a way that will make each visit a truly personal and highly sensorial experience.

At the heart of this collaborative experience is the creative code community Codepen. This is an experimental playground for developers from all over the world and it was a natural choice for this project to tap into this already existing amazing hub.

Through Codepen, coders can play around with the experience, create their own visuals and submit them to the project. No matter if they are chosen to be in the official version or not, coders are able to share their version of the experience through the codepen platform, using it as a showcase of their creativity.

— Visit Codepen

About Scarlet Pleasure

Riding on the success of their catchy pop music, Scarlet Pleasure are sure to get your pulse pumping and your senses buzzing.

Scarlet Pleasure are a talented Danish band on the verge of international success. Their music is well written and performed – soul-infused pop music with clear references to hits of the 80s and 90s.

“The Wave” is a brand new single from Scarlet Pleasure that will make your mind drift off to exotic places and good times.

From Chili Peppers to the dance floor.

Emil Goll, Alexander Malone and Joachim Dencker first got together playing Red Hot Chili Peppers covers.

But after a trip to the US trying to convince the American market about their talents – and a hideaway in a Swedish cabin – the band found their own musical niche with a sunlit blend of funky soul and pop that nods back at legends like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Scarlet Pleasure are:

Vocal and Guitar: Emil Goll
Bass and Vocal: Alexander Malone
Drums and Vocal: Joachim DC

— Scarlet Pleasure on Facebook

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Psychedelic Jungle
by Patrik Svensson
Passion Fragments
by Jorge Hernandez
Botanic Organic
by Younus Abdalla

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